Modernise computing with Chrome OS

Chrome OS combines the end user benefits of Chromebooks with the business capabilities of Chrome OS for I.T. to power the cloud workforce to work securely and effectively from anywhere.

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Deploy at the speed of today’s business demands

Free IT from the day-to-day pains of managing endpoints while providing employees with fast and seamless access to information and cloud-based tools.

Fast deployment

Fast and easy deployment enables organisations to quickly scale with less IT burden.

Hassle-free endpoint management

Our well-researched default settings help take the guesswork out of IT, providing admins with hassle-free management.

Always up to date

Reduce calls to the help desk with a reliable OS that’s easy to use and always up to date thanks to regular background updates.


Apps for every worker

Access the productivity, video conferencing and LOB apps that your teams need, including Microsoft® Word, Google Workspace, Zoom, Slack, Box and RingCentral.


Run legacy and Windows apps through virtualisation solutions like Citrix, VMware and Cameyo for a better thin client solution.

Access to all kinds of apps

Leverage progressive web apps, Android apps, Chrome extensions and more on Chrome OS devices.

Parallels Desktop for Chrome OS

Provide quick access to legacy, proprietary and full-featured Windows applications locally on a Chrome OS device, helping businesses easily transition to cloud-first devices.

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Chrome Enterprise Recommended

Easily identify optimised products to ensure a great employee experience.

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Peace of mind, built-in

Chrome OS deters users from falling hostage to harmful attacks and works with diverse application ecosystems to ensure apps are trusted while providing IT with essential controls.

Protect against current threats

Chrome OS devices proactively protect against threats prevalent on legacy systems.

Keep harmful apps out

Chrome OS provides devices with diverse application ecosystems to ensure applications are trusted – keeping harmful apps out and helping IT retain control.

Regular background updates

Feature and security patches are updated in the background, using the latest security to protect against bad actors, all without interruption.

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Employee benefits

Keep employees satisfied and productive

Chrome OS provides end users with a familiar experience that IT can easily integrate with existing infrastructure to keep things running smoothly.

Starts fast, stays fast

End users have access to versatile devices that boot in under 6 seconds, while updates occur in the background.

Work flexibly

Secure, cloud-based backup systems and 8+ hours of battery life let employees work worry-free, from any location.

In sync, anywhere

Save and sync apps, preferences and extensions to stay productive on Chrome OS devices from anywhere.

A better thin client

Cloud-based security, local storage and memory make Chromebooks a powerful alternative to traditional thin client offerings.

Why become a Chrome OS reseller?

The way we work is changing, and employees need cloud-based solutions to stay productive

Built for the cloud since day one, Chrome OS provides a flexible, secure, fast-to-deploy, and easy-to-manage platform, offering devices that work the way employees do, redefining how business happens.

Managed Chrome OS devices see a 76% time savings during deployment compared to Windows devices. IT gains access to 500+ device policies, fleet oversight capabilities, and managed updates, all from the cloud-based Google Admin console or third party UEM solution.

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